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Class H Linear Grounded Bridge Amplifier Output Stage

Class H Linear Grounded Bridge

  • Superior audio performance for maximum output power with optimal efficiency
  • High and Stable power output
  • Reliable and superior audio performance
  • Significantly reduced “voltage strain” on the power transistors
Cycle by Cycle Current Limiter

Cycle by Cycle Current Limiter

  • Extremely reliable and stable loudspeaker drive even below two ohms
  • Expansion of the potential impedance range
  • No switch-off at low impedance loudspeaker loads
  • Maximum reliability


  • An advanced amplifier power management technology that can reduce power costs while maintaining flawless performance
  • Full output power is instantly available – no missing first syllable.
  • There is no audible distortion or click noise during the transition from Eco Rail to normal rail and back again. This process is fully transparent; the user does not have to be concerned with it or configure it.
  • No mains inrush occurs during the transition from Eco Rail to normal rail.
Ghost Power

Ghost Power

Modern professional audio power amplifiers have little in common with their predecessors of just a few years ago. They are now equipped with built-in DSP, microcontrollers, digital interfaces and displays. This means that the amplifier has to “boot up” in the same way as a computer. Boot times vary between manufacturers and can easily reach 30 seconds or more.

Junction Temperature Modeling (JTM)

Junction Temperature Modeling

  • Safe operation and constant temperature monitoring in real-time
  • Maximum output power
  • Highest reliability
  • Maximized temperature range


OMNEO is an evolutionary Dynacord and Bosch solution for connecting devices over IP to exchange information including control and audio content for use in application domains such as public address, intercom, conferencing, and pro audio/video.

Variable Load Drive (VLD)

Variable Load Drive (VLD)

  • Highest flexibility with multiple operation modes
  • Enables low Z and/or high Z loudspeaker lines with one amplifier
  • Flexible output power depending on impedance



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About Bosch Communications Systems

Each of our brands stands out as a market leader in its own right, each with its own unique heritage, identity, and expertise. Many of our products can work together as part of integrated solutions that combine, for example, sound reinforcement and life safety products, configured and controlled via our breakthrough OMNEO IP technology.

We cover all aspects of pro audio between our various brands and their broad range of products, so we can precisely meet the specifications of any given project, large or small. Add our brands' core technological competencies to the global R&D resources of Bosch, and you can be assured that for any application and every budget, we have the best‑in‑class solution for you.

Wherever we are in the world, we connect more meaningfully by communicating clearly.

Whether through words or music; whether for business or for pleasure; whether for entertainment, information, or security; our quality of life is in many ways directly linked to the sound quality we rely upon to get our messages across.

Dynacord & Electro‑Voice are part of the Bosch Communications Systems family of brands, offering the world's most complete portfolio of professional audio and communications solutions.