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Dynacord releases SONICUE 1.3 – unleashing the power of the MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine

Dynacord releases SONICUE 1.3 – unleashing the power of the MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine
  • New release 1.3 offers free DSP configuration for the MXE Matrix Mix Engine – individual signal processing for 36 inputs and 32 outputs
  • Enhanced system logic with Task Engine for creating sophisticated system events and third-party integration

Straubing, Germany, June 2023 – Dynacord, one of the leading manufacturers of professional audio electronics, is pleased to announce the release of the latest update for its SONICUE Sound System Software. Version 1.3 represents a significant milestone in the development of SONICUE, including major enhancements to the MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine.

As a central component of the Dynacord ecosystem, SONICUE Sound System Software allows users to configure, operate and control electronics such as L, C, IPX and TGX series power amplifiers and the MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine. The software also enables customized system control through networked panel controllers such as the TPC1 and WPN1, or via the SONICUE Control app on Windows or iOS devices.

Free DSP configuration
One of the key highlights of this software release is the introduction of free DSP configuration, which allows customers to leverage the MXE5's open DSP architecture, providing users with unparalleled flexibility in structuring DSP configurations to meet their unique project requirements. The software unleashes the full potential of the MXE5's signal processing capabilities, offering an extensive range of audio manipulation options with 36 inputs, 32 outputs and up to 128 x 128 internal cross points.

Enhanced Task Engine
SONICUE 1.3 also features an enhanced task engine that enables advanced logical tasking capabilities and seamless integration with third-party devices. Users can create system events with complex triggering options using the Task Engine. It is now possible to override scheduled events, allowing dynamic system response. In addition, the task engine facilitates integration with third-party devices, allowing external control of actions and devices within SONICUE while providing status updates to SONICUE Control devices. This opens new possibilities for system control and extends the MXE5's interoperability with external devices. In situations where complex DSP is not required, the semi-fixed zone mixer is still a time-saving option and still accessible in the software.

Available for download end of June 2023
Dynacord provides cutting-edge technology solutions for professional audio systems, and SONICUE 1.3 is the latest example of its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The free software update will be available for download end of June from this website.

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