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Professional audio systems

For over 70 years, Dynacord has designed and engineered professional audio electronics — products that offer unparalleled performance and premium quality, the perfect balance of power and precision.

Software Development

IP technology

Dynacord has always been at the forefront of networked audio. With our parent company Bosch being a founding member of the OCA Alliance, we have helped to drive the development of IP technology in the audio industry, creating products that understand multiple languages and work to all standards. Whether it’s talking Dante or AES-67, our OMNEO IP architecture ensures that our IP capable electronics, such as the TGX and IPX series amplifiers, form the backbone of any audio network. Retrofit module cards ensure IP compatibility for devices like DSA amplifiers and the P64 processor. Dynacord is at the forefront of the IP revolution, and we are setting the standard.



Whether a highly skilled engineer creating the best audio solution for a festival, or an untrained user adjusting the volume in a restaurant, we want every experience to be intuitive, simple, and straightforward. Our in-house user experience experts work tirelessly in product design to turn our solutions-oriented thinking into a reality. For example, SONICUE Sound System Software, designed to solve the real world challenges of sound engineers. Its unique interaction design provides a clear and comprehensive system overview, making it quicker to set up, tune, and operate sound systems with minimal effort. All system parameters are directly accessible, while automated design and configuration checks give the user ultimate peace of mind.



Our aim is to always give you confidence that your Dynacord product will do exactly what you expect it to do every time. We deliver on this promise thanks to our rigorous testing process at our Reliability Test Center, where Dynacord electronics have to go through a variety of arduous tests that are unique in the industry. Our in-house demo hall is the largest testing and monitoring room for professional sound systems in Europe. This wide, deep space has been designed for measurements and demonstrations from a variety of distances under real-world conditions. When you add our experience and the Bosch certified manufacturing processes, the result is always something you can trust.



We all recognise the importance of sustainability for the future of our planet, so at Dynacord we are doing everything we can to ensure our products are eco-friendly. Our technologies, such as Eco Mode, ensure our IPX and TGX amplifiers require significantly less energy. This has benefitted countless customers, allowing venues such as the Berlin Olympiastadion to be recognized with the Green Globe certificate thanks in part to its use of IPX amplifiers. Dynacord technologies like Junction Temperature Modelling reduce stress on components to increase the product’s lifespan, optimizing the ROI. In addition to this, we are contributing to Bosch’s climate action by ensuring our engineering, manufacturing and administration will be climate-neutral by 2020.

Operational Safety

Operational safety

Users around the world trust Dynacord to deliver reliable equipment that will get the job done where failure is not an option. We have earned an excellent reputation over decades for the operational safety of our electronics, but this is not an accolade we take for granted. We constantly strive to grow and enhance this reputation with the latest new technology. Our products are engineered to be the safest choice, that is why we invented technologies such as Mains Circuit Breaker Protection and Cycle by Cycle Current Limiters. This all combines to give our users maximum peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that they have chosen reliable technology from a company they can always trust.

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