TGX System Rack

Preconfigured System Rack for TGX Series Amplifiers

  • Preconfigured System rack including three TGX20 DSP amplifiers, power distribution, input and output interfaces and network redundancy
  • Power distribution mountable either on front or rear*
  • Integrated rack sliding doors
  • Stackable on a single dolly
  • *Power distribution available for the EU and NA

The TGX System Rack is a modular solution designed and built for touring professionals, by touring professionals.

The 10 rack unit TGX system rack is pre-configured with three TGX20 DSP amplifiers plus two independent network switches for glitch-free operation and offers a variety of professional features such as integrated sliding rack doors, customizable I/O options, and a reversible mounting for the power distribution. The TGX system racks can be vertically stacked and locked together to give up to 180kW of output power in the same compact footprint as a conventional amplifier rack.

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TGX Brochure EN 1.55MB Jun 6, 2018
Dynacord Elektronik Katalog DE 3.92MB Feb 5, 2020
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SR20TGX Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.88MB Apr 9, 2019
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SR20TGX Manual EN 27.27MB Mar 27, 2019
TGX Installation Manual EN 5.3MB Oct 17, 2019

TGX20SR persp left hero ON HR

TGX20SR front hero ON HR

TGX20SR front ON HR

TGX20SR persp front ON HR

TGX20SR persp left ON HR

TGX20SR persp right hero ON HR

TGX20SR persp right ON HR

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